March 22, 2016

Paulo Machado

Paulo Machado is a very dedicated apprentice in many different fields. He earned a law degree and a postgraduate degree in Environmental Law, has worked in film festivals and, a little over seven years ago, decided to dedicate himself to one of his great passions: gastronomy. He went through different stages and jobs at restaurants at home and abroad. He pursued research, for which he travels extensively in order to get to know new flavors, and it is his vocation to bring the knowledge that he gains to his students. He’s visited France, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uruguay and Peru among others in order to show the flavors of the Tupiquin people. In 2008 he won the first UAM & Colavita Italian Cooking Competition, and served as the first research director of the country’s first Center for the Investigation of Brazilian Gastronomy, sponsored by Nestlé Foodservices. In 2009, his Pantanal Scientific Studies Project was financed by the Mato Grosso do Sul Cultural Investment Fund. Today, this material is part of the heritage belonging to the Fundaçao de Cultura do Mato Grosso do Sul, and it contains a document with fifty recipes and wisdom from the region’s cuisine. A professor of Gastronomy, he teaches in various national and international universities, and he also teaches in Gastromotiva, a vocational education program in Sao Paulo. He’s participated in three national publications launched in 2011 and in various newspaper and book projects about brazilian cuisine. Additionally, he is a part of the Slow Food movement for good, clean and fair food. In 2010 he opened the Paulo Machado Institute for research in gastronomy, with the objective of investing and offering classes, seminars, and consulting work in the field. The institute also promotes the event “Arte na Figueira”, which combines art and gastronomy in the Brazilian midwest.