March 22, 2016

Mara Salles

More than a restaurant, Tordesilhas (Cerqueira Cesar, São Paulo) is an artisanal culinary space dedicated to examining the traditional Brazilian cookbook and celebrating the ingredients that give it life. It is the result of Mara Salles’s passion. A first-rate chef and a tireless investigator, she is discovering ingredients and salvaging recipes in order to transform them and adapt through contemporary culinary techniques.

Mara spent her childhood in a farm in Sao Paulo’s countryside. Her father was a farmer. Her mother took care of the children, the food, the chickens and the pigs. She made cheese and tended the garden.

In this environment, she received her first cooking lessons, developing a taste for good products and a close relationship with nature. She was the first chef to use ingredients from the Amazon and the Cerrado in her menu. She is a teacher and an inspiration to the young people currently in the market. She contributed her investigations to the award-winning book Ambiências.

Together with well-known Brazilian leaders, she’s participated in numerous conferences, festivals and gastronomic gatherings, nationally and internationally, but she considers that the relevance of her work lies mainly in the contact with the most deeply peripheral people of Brazil.