March 22, 2016

Eduardo Martínez

Eduardo Martínez has had an interest in the countryside and its farmers since he was a child. He was a farmer himself in adolescence. Now, an agricultural engineer with 19 years’ experience as a chef, gastronomic researcher and the head of various projects promoting and giving value to Colombian cuisine nationally and internationally. He is a founding partner and head chef of mini mal, “surprisingly Colombian contemporary cuisine”, since 2001. Chef at El Panóptico restaurant at the Colombian National Museum. He is a pioneer and a promoter of the value of local Colombian cuisine, its ingredients and traditions. Director of sustainable development projects with the country’s diverse traditional cultures, with a basis on the rescue, recognition, appreciation and appropriation of the culture and its values. A researcher of the traditional productive systems of the tropical rainforests of the Pacific and the Amazon, of studies and methodologies for rural land management and the analysis family-farmer economies in different parts of the country. Teacher of Colombian cuisine and a promoter of the recovery, strengthening and positioning of its heritage in the market stalls of Bogota. A member of Slow Food since 2006.